Learning on the go

As most medics have to fit in their CPD (continual professional development) around seeing patients, meetings and life in general, there is a wealth of professional podcasts on offer. Although some of these are quite specialised, many of them use easily understandable language with explanation of specialist terms used to make them accessible to all... Continue Reading →

Silver trauma for the non specialist.

One of the joys of working in medicine is the life long learning as an individual but also as a profession. On the back of new data from the TARN database┬áreflecting the reality of clinicians, there has been much talk as to how to assess and treat older patients who have had trauma. First of... Continue Reading →

Too many AF arrhythmias on the apple watch?

Like many ED physicians I've had patients coming up to me asking about the use of smart watches to monitor their heart rate. As the cardiologist Dr Weiss pertinently explains below, most of these younger and fitter patients are not of the demographics in whom screening should be taking place for atrial fibrillation. Even when... Continue Reading →

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